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In Cocoa Beach, Florida, discover a place where adventure is possible, nature is within reach, pristine coastlines abound, and pristine coastlines make every stop at Cocoa Beach relaxing and memorable. Cocoa - a colorful soft sandy beach, beautiful beaches and beautiful views are the reason why you travel to Cocona Beach in the first place. Teenagers affectionately describe the Coc Cocoa Beach Skate Park as "sick," and some of their favorite activities at Cocana Beach are surfing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and more.

Here are a few other things you can do at Cocoa Beach to behave when you have more time, as well as some fun activities for kids.

There is nothing better than the Sunshine State for excitement and adventure, and if you want to spend some time in Cocoa Beach before boarding your cruise ship, you will find everything you need here. If you are near the airport or in CocOA Beach, Florida, Signature Transportation Group will be happy to take you there. For more travel tips for Central Florida, check out our list of 40 things to do for Christmas in Orlando. Be sure to check out our Florida Family Travel page for more information on family travel options for your next trip to Florida.

We are a concierge service and would be happy to answer your questions, give you recommendations and help you plan your next trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida or any other area of Central Florida.

Our beachfront hotel offers free transportation to the popular Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier. Westgate and CocOA Beach Pier are home to most of the restaurants and a variety of attractions and amenities.

There is so much else to see in Cocoa Beach, but real space lovers will want to stay for the day. Take a trip to Kennedy Space Center and stay overnight in CocOA Beach, or take a ride on the space shuttle Discovery and enjoy the beautiful views of the Florida Panhandle from the space station.

While you enjoy the festivities, don't miss some of the most exciting experiences only available at Cocoa Beach. Westgate is perfect for a trip to watch a rocket launch nearby, and the proximity to the launch site is an intense experience. Spacecraft can be seen in the air launching from anywhere in CocOA Beach, but they can also be seen from the space station.

If you stay at the Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort, you can ride the free bike to the park without paying. You can also buy a ticket to the CocOA Beach Pier in Westgate so we can enjoy a free trolley ride to meet all your holiday needs.

If you plan to visit Cocoa Beach, you can also rent a car and paddle alone or book a surf course. If you're planning a trip to CocOA Beach, check out our Orlando, Florida, airship, which is about an hour outside of Cocona Beach. This is widely regarded as one of the best surf spots in Florida, so book your surf lessons as soon as possible before your trip.

Cocoa Beach is a popular spot for visitors who want to experience it because it is the closest beach to the Orlando area and is located near the cruise ship hub of Port Canaveral. Visitors to Florida often spend a few nights there to see the sights before and after sailing. In the heart of Cocoa Beach is one of Florida's most popular tourist attractions, the Palm Beach County Convention Center. It is located at the intersection of Interstate 95 and Florida State Road 441 and is about an hour and a half drive from Orlando and Orlando International Airport.

In 1888, a cocoa entrepreneur bought what is now CocOA Beach and did nothing about it, but named it after one of Florida's most famous companies, the Palm Beach County Convention Center. It was here that the first and most popular television program "Cocoa Beach" was produced, named after the city's famous beach and the city's first mayor, William C. Cottrell.

After President Kennedy promised to put the United States on the moon by the end of the 1960 "s, the population of Cocoa Beach and Brevard County began to grow faster than any other area of the US. In the 1960s, the divorce rate was more than twice the national average.

If the state of Florida were to be blacklisted, Cocoa Beach would be a shining beacon of debauchery. The crime rate in CocOA Beach is 1 in 190 per 1,190 residents and is the highest in Florida, where the probability of being a victim is 1 in 232. There are plenty of beers in and around Cocova Beach, but where better to buy one than in an air-conditioned Irish pub?

If you want to spend some time at Cocoa Beach Pier, this is the place to look for a place to soak up the sun, catch a wave, catch fish or sunbathe. Located just steps from the beach and a short walk from stunning CocOA Beach, Lighthouse Cove is a great place for a picnic or just to step off the pier into the beautiful waters of the stunning Cocova Beach cocaine beach.

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